Emergency Notification and Incident Management

Ultimately, the success of any BC planning process relies on the effectiveness of dealing with incidents and the timely recovery of operations. Key to this are two aspects:

  • Emergency Notification
  • Incident Management

Emergency notification - ClearView contains a wide range of options for effective communication at time of need and the integrated Emergency Notification module provides best in class comms options including:

  • Email
  • SMS (two way)
  • Voice/Conference calling
  • Push notifications to mobile apps

We carefully select our ENC partners which means that we understand the telecoms requirements of your individual region. In the world of notification, one size does certainly not fit all and it is important to have this level of expertise and support if communication is to be truly effective at times of need. Often, there are no second chances.

Many of our clients are international organisations covering many regions where it is important to have a partner who understand the global telecoms market place.

And integration means that all can be handled through one interface. Groups can be accessed and identified within the planning environment and then messages initiated and responses tracked without the need to create/maintain duplicates or secondary groups in other systems.

Incident Management - At the heart of each Plan are the various sets of Activity Steps; simple checklists of what needs to be done, in what timeframes, by whom. These checklists can be invoked in real-time, so that crisis team members can collaborate on resolving the incident.

Recovery activities, decision points and communications lists can be accessed by multiple devices - mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops.

The dynamic aspect of this modules means that there is also flexibility for recovery teams to create, allocate and share new activities/actions (over and above those contained in plans) in response to the requirements of individual events.

Individual team members have instant, real-time access to event information both for entire teams and also their personal action lists. They can communicate with each other and view progress towards recovery goals.

Furthermore, the unique virtual white-board facility enables 'command centre' messages to be communicated instantly plus members of the team in remote locations to be shared with team members. Fundamentally, the sharing of robust, accurate information lies at the heart of effective incident management.

From an administration perspective, central dashboards allow administrators to monitor the overall progress against plan and to group plan activity together where there is a wide-scale incident.

Emergency Notification and Incident Management