ClearView has been developed to integrate seamlessly with third party systems and applications. This recognises that for many organisations, complex requirements rely on different systems and areas of expertise working together in complete harmony to enable users to navigate easily and effectively through process work-flows.

The scale and extent of integration is extremely flexible and is implemented according to each individual client's requirements using robust APIs and interface protocols. And it can cover all points within the process, both front and back-end. Examples include:

  • Emergency Notification Systems
  • CMDB's for IT and other resources
  • Other enterprise systems such as ServiceNow
  • HR Management Systems
  • Operational Risk Systems
  • … indeed all data repositories, third-party applications /systems and software that forms part of the Business continuity/Risk Management process.

Why integrate?

In any complex work-flow process with multiple touch points, users need to be able to access key functions quickly easily and through an intuitive system. Having one, common integrated interface for different systems in this end-to-end process provides simplicity, clarity and accessibility for all users.

Data and processes flow quickly and efficiently through one route, rather than separate, disparate systems. This means that there are no duplicate elements/data bases with the inaccuracies that follow. It means that all users are looking at the same data in the same system.

Example - when a group is created in the software (say a Crisis Management team), this group can be attached to a plan and the same team members can then be recipients of Emergency Notification in time of need. And any changes in contact details flow directly into all parts of the system from the core HR feed - there are no duplications or inaccuracies.

ClearView has an extensive and sound technology pedigree which means that systems integration is in our corporate DNA. For clients this means that:

  • There is greater resiliency
  • No need for costly customisation
  • One single, end-to-end process which is seamless for end users.

We have worked with a large number of third party providers to enable interfaces and integration. The reality is that all systems/software providers recognise that they need to be able to communicate with other systems in order to provide solutions for end clients. ClearView provides a robust solution to the this challenge. If you would like to know more, please contact us

ClearView Integration