IT Disaster Recovery

ClearView's flexible technology provides a comprehensive answer to the needs of IT DR professionals. Within the global platform, there is a range of functionality that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of an IT DR environment, including:

  • Creation of resource plans that allow assets to be assessed and plans created at any level i.e. application, server, data centre, city, country etc. This then allows individual assets/applications to be linked throughout the platform so that internal and external dependencies can be clearly identified and mapped. It also enables RTOs to be aligned and any gaps identified.
  • Mobile application for ITDR management plus dynamic/real time incident management capability. This also includes a virtual whiteboard function so that key messages and up-dates can be shared by recovery teams immediately. All of this enables recovery teams 'on the go' to manage events swiftly, accurately and effectively.
  • Integrated emergency notification for fast response to incidents and solutions management. All communication can be managed through a single interface with activities tracked, recorded, reported and visible to key team members. Emergency Notification requirements can be tailored to individual requirements using email, SMS, voice and mobile push applications.
  • What If? planning and reporting to see impact of outages or loss of application/service/hardware at any/multiple level(s) This forms part of a wider reporting suite which also contains Applications 'gap analysis' to show clearly areas of need where business and IT requirements/capabilities are inconsistent.
  • Flexibility to build to any degree of granularity in different parts of the organisation i.e. multiple structures/approaches but within one overall framework.
  • Integrated document management capability for procedures manuals/run books/bulky documents to be maintained within the planning database as adjuncts to main Plan processes.
  • External Contacts interface to assess capabilities and compliance of key suppliers and ensure that there is a fully integrated approach to plan and incident management.

All of this is delivered by an ISO27001 accredited organisation from secure, high-availability hosting environments around the world.

ClearView IT Disaster Recovery