ClearView BIA Impact, Notification by Mobile Device

ClearView was designed from the ground up to help organisations nurture a culture of resilience without being an unwelcome intrusion upon the day-to-day work life of the business users who must contribute to the planning process. This tension between sophisticated plans based upon a deep understanding of the organisation on the one hand; and simple, unobtrusive, intuitive planning on the other, is uniquely and brilliantly solved by ClearView.

Clients are offered unmatched flexibility in the development of the 'wizard-like' questionnaires that are distributed to users. This means that even complex, global businesses can accommodate its BCM needs in a single tool without costly custom developments. ClearView's modernity and flexibility means that it helps clients comply with BCM best practice and corporate standards, while facing the inevitable need for greater cost-efficiencies.

Our latest version: ClearView 8.1

On April 6th 2020 ClearView launched ClearView 8.1, the latest version of the multi-award winning business continuity solution.

ClearView 8.1 includes:

  • A significant update to the password management system - making the software even easier to use;
  • New functionality for ClearView Group Sites to make it easier for administrators to use What If Reporting across multiple business units; and
  • A new API User Entitlement facility to allow administrators to integrate ClearView with existing access and identity management tools.

For a no-strings attached demonstration of ClearView 8.1 click here.


ClearView BIA Impact, Notification by Mobile Device