Program and Policy Management

ClearView Program and Policy Management

ClearView provides BC Management with an immediate view of the completeness of their program, and the currency of all of its the components. A simple dashboard provides an overall view and allows drill-down to identify delinquent elements. A powerful workflow engine allows the client to configure how and when alerts will be sent to users to engage them in the resiliency effort.

In particular, ClearView's 'review' approach doesn't merely require sign-off of a plan by its owner, but rather requires self-attestation, and approval thereof, according to client-configured questions. In this way, standards such as ISO 22301, can be accommodated by configuring these questions to match your policy requirements, thus achieving insightful compliance confirmation.

Complex corporate hierarchies can be mirrored, and integration to external data sources automated. ClearView's Template approach allows the client to configure different questionnaires for different purposes; perhaps building complex process recovery plans for some departments, and simple emergency drills for others. This allows even the most complex businesses to accommodate divergent needs in a single tool.