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A Single Solution

Many organisations operate Business Continuity, IT DR, and Emergency Management separately; often for no-longer valid historical, organisational or technology reasons. Further, large multi-national or multi-divisional businesses fail to operate a single coherent program in one or more of these separate disciplines for the same reasons, or because of language, or simple scale difficulties.

These two dimensions of separation increase management costs, reduce insight into possible resiliency improvements, and make governance, oversight, and certification efforts just more difficult.

At long last, and for the first time, the industry is offered a single, integrated solution across the BC / IT / EM disciplines, in a solution sophisticated enough to support the largest, most complicated, multi-lingual businesses.

Emergency Management, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity

Dynamic Incident Management

Incident management suites have been with us for quite some time but they had several flaws that have impeded uptake and exploitation. First, they often looked like NASA command centers, requiring several high resolution screens and highly trained operatives. This may work for fulltime Incident Commanders, but ClearView's mantra is that we need a wider participation, with simple, intuitive, accessible checklists. Further, such tools were often disconnected from the BC planning activity, requiring duplicate effort to create incident templates, or expecting Incidents to unfold without exploiting the benefit of the planning.

ClearView solved all this at the turn of 2013/14 with its Incident Management module. The plans, especially the Plan Activities are presented as dynamic collaborative checklists on users' Smartphones. All involved users, can see progress against the plan, and log issues and findings on virtual whiteboards.

DR Resource Plans

In 2014 ClearView extended its support for deeper IT DR analysis and planning. For example, a business process might 'depend' on a software application; that application now having its own recovery plan, including: its own 'dependencies' (underlying IT resources), recovery Activity checklists, rebuild scripts etc.

The consolidation of DR with BC / EM into a single holistic tool provides clearer governance and greater insight into resilience matters. For example 'what if?' analysis of loss of an IT asset can be rolled up instantly, to see which applications and therefore which departments and processes will be impacted; and RTOs rolled down from the business departments to the underlying infrastructure.

True Multi-Language

The entire solution is switchable, by the user, to her preferred language. Domestic businesses around the globe can exploit ClearView in their corporate language, and multi-national businesses can have users in different regions using different languages. Even US-headquartered clients benefit; no longer confined to English speakers for their overseas regional coordinators. They can pick the right people for the job; French speakers in Quebec, Spanish speakers in Bogota, and Arabic speakers in Dubai, all accessing the same Plan.

Delegated Security

We support multiple organisational structures, and now clients can choose where, in those hierarchies certain 'users' reside. Thus a single set of corporate standards and workflows can be maintained, while giving divisional management control and visibility over their own divisions, but only those divisions.